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Prioritising Protection: Safeguarding Your Future and Loved Ones

Updated: Jun 6

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Policies to protect

When we complete a review of a client’s affairs, one of the first questions we ask is what protection they have in place. What do we mean by protection? Policies to protect the individual or their loved ones in the case of death or ill health. At this point often eyes glaze over, but they shouldn’t. 

Life goals

Our broader discussion is usually about life goals, including when clients can retire and how much money saved is needed. These goals can often easily be derailed by illness.

Essential needs

It might involve taking time out to recover. Perhaps the inability to work at all, or needing to change job, or hours. The likelihood of illness is sadly much higher than most people recognise. You may have heard that 1 in 2 people will have cancer during their lifetime. Protection underpins a financial plan, ensuring funds will be available for essential needs in the case of illness or death.

LGBT+ community

Within the LGBT+ community, there are often fears of engaging with insurance companies, and disclosing medical information. Thankfully, many of the preconceptions people have been outdated or simply inaccurate.


Evolution Financial Services

Ready to take your next step?

Matt Campbell is a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (DipFA, CeMap). He operates via Evolution Financial Services. Matt is based at Fleet St, London but works with clients across the country. For advice on pensions, investments, mortgages*, protection or estate

planning needs, please click the link or see contact details

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*A mortgage will be secured against your home. Evolution Financial Services is a trading name of Evolution FS Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registered Number 597303.

Lizzy Kurtzer

Not quite sure where to start? 

Realise your aspirations and goals through coaching.

Lizzy Kurtzer is a certified (IFC Accreditation, Animas Centre for Coaching) life coach. She'll help you to explore and identify your goals, and empower you to achieve them through ongoing or one-off mentorship

and coaching.


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