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Case Study. Financial Freedom and Security: Tailored Retirement Planning for a Proud Legacy

Updated: Jun 6

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Retirement planning

In today’s diverse society, retirement planning should be as unique as the individuals it serves. Recently, I had the privilege of assisting James, a gay man in his late fifties, who came to LGBTQIFA for advice on crafting a retirement plan that truly reflected his lifestyle and aspirations.

James, who has accumulated substantial pension savings over his career, is looking forward to retiring at 60. James explored several mainstream financial planning websites but found them unrelatable. They predominantly focused on traditional goals such as leaving an inheritance or funding children’s education—goals that did not resonate with his life experiences. Additionally, James was cautious about sharing personal information, wary of potential bias or misunderstanding about his needs.


When James reached out to LGBTQIFA, his primary objectives were to map out his retirement income and ensure his investments were aligned with his values and financial goals. Understanding the importance of a personalised approach, we began by discussing his current financial situation, future income needs, and long-term aspirations.

James’s pension savings were indeed significant, but like many others, he wanted clarity on how these funds would support him throughout retirement. We created a detailed income projection, factoring in his state pension, personal pensions, and other savings. This gave James a clear picture of his financial future and helped him feel more confident about retiring at 60.

Investment portfolio

Next, we reviewed his investment portfolio. James was keen to ensure his funds were not only secure but also ethically invested. At LGBTQIFA, we understand that financial well-being and personal values go hand in hand. We guided James through options that aligned with his principles, ensuring his money was invested in socially responsible and sustainable funds. This not only matched his personal beliefs but also provided him peace of mind knowing his investments reflected his identity and values.

Safe and inclusive environment

Throughout this process, it was crucial for James to feel comfortable and understood. At LGBTQIFA, we pride ourselves on creating a safe and inclusive environment where individuals can openly discuss their financial needs without fear of judgment. By offering tailored advice that respects and celebrates diversity, we help clients like James build a retirement plan that genuinely supports their lifestyle and future goals.

Retirement with confidence

James now looks forward to his retirement with confidence, knowing his finances are in order and his investments reflect his values. His experience underscores the importance of personalised financial advice that reflects individual circumstances and goals. At LGBTQIFA, we’re committed to providing financial planning that’s as unique as the people we serve.


Ready to take your next step?

Matt Campbell - LGBTQ+ Financial Adviser

Matt Campbell is a qualified Independent Financial Adviser (DipFA, CeMap). He operates via Evolution Financial Services. Matt is based at Fleet St, London but works with clients across the UK.

For advice on pensions, investments, mortgages*, protection or estate planning needs, please click the link or see contact details below to get in touch with Matt.


*A mortgage will be secured against your home. Evolution Financial Services is a trading name of Evolution FS Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Registered Number 597303.

Lizzy Kurtzer

Not quite sure where to start? 

Realise your aspirations and goals through coaching.

Lizzy Kurtzer is a certified (IFC Accreditation, Animas Centre for Coaching) life coach. She'll help you to explore and identify your goals, and empower you to achieve them through ongoing or one-off mentorship

and coaching.


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