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The myth of common law marriage

Updated: Jun 6

Could this common misconception impact your finances?

In 2005 civil partnerships were introduced in the UK, and in 2014 same-sex marriage laws came into effect in England, Wales and Scotland. Despite this, the LGBTQIA+ community remain less likely to enter into a civil partnership or marry than their heterosexual counterparts.

When we talk to unmarried couples in long-term relationships they often see themselves as being in a ‘common law marriage,’ with an assumption that they have acquired rights similar to those of married couples. However in England & Wales this is a misconception, that can have serious financial consequences.

If you split up, or one of you passes away, there is no automatic entitlement to receive anything from your ex-partner.

The LGBTQIA+ community are also often less comfortable talking about their personal circumstances, including with the professionals who they may need to involve in ensuring their affairs are in order.

It’s a dangerous combination. That’s part of the reason we are so keen to ensure that the LGBTQIA+ community have access to the services they need from like-minded people who understand their unique needs.


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